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Seamless customer support for film import, warehousing, and your daily business needs.

In search of bespoke plastic film extrusion and conversion? Let us guide your discovery! BOPP film, BOPET film, PET film, PP film, PVC film or any other packaging film: We will find the best film manufacturer for your business. Unearth premium European and Indian products tailored to your specifications, complemented by flawless service and cost-effective rates. Our dedication to excellence fosters enduring partnerships, from burgeoning enterprises to global powerhouses.

Cost-effective packaging solutions

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MJW represents the highest quality producers of films for the packaging, tape and label converting industries. One company with a diverse portfolio of manufacturers.

We manage your logistics & inventory.

Seamless logistics and dedicated customer and technical support, every step of the way. Warehousing & consignment programs for the finishing touch.

Align with excellence.

MJW International connects you with industry pacesetters renowned for their superior products and innovation. More than packaging films. We deliver solutions.

Streamlined purchasing support

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  • Robust network of highest standard & quality film manufacturers
  • Flexibility, experience and expedition of materials during the Qualification Process
  • We offer consignment programs at our warehouses all over the US and provide inventory
  • flexibility for our customers.
  • Detailed documentation: product details, certification, logistics, and adaptable Invoicing
  • Industry experience, proven on-time delivery and personal attention
  • Low cost structure benefiting you in product pricing

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MJW International

We not only manage multiple vendors for you, we manage the logistics for ALL the orders as well. One call - one PO - multiple solutions.

MJW International

We offer consignment programs at our warehouses all over the US providing maximum flexibility for our customers.

MJW International

Standard range or custom made - MJW continuously searches, vets and validates companies capable and worthy of your trust, to supply the highest quality products delivered on time.

MJW International

Our experience will exceed your expectations. MJW works in tandem with you with all insteps along the supply chain.

"Each film quality offers different
values for your application.
Let‘s find your perfect match!"

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Our diverse range of films:

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MJW International

Working with MJW encompasses:
One relationship representing multiple film manufacturers' offerings. The single source of MJW handles ALL the logistics and production for you. Mixed containers of film to aid with forecasting and current demand.

MJW International

MJW actively evaluates and qualifies manufacturers to offer a diverse portfolio of products and manufacturers for you. New project? We’ll do the sourcing for you to offer tailored recommendations.

MJW International

MJW offers logistics, transportation and warehousing in multiple locations throughout the US. Inventory reporting and consignment enhance your material planning.

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